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March 08, 2016

The Prophecy, Book One in Saga of the Chosen series, will be the first book to be published. It’s a tale of fantasy, mystery and adventure with a dose of romance sprinkled in, with an urban setting. Set mostly in contemporary San Francisco in the underground and parallel world of Chosen, it introduces Tasia¬† Armstrong, a very powerful Magick who hides dangerous secrets and possesses powers that make her unique, even amongst her gifted brethren. Circumstances force Tasia to graduate from a nondescript life along the fringes of Chosen society to a central role in an investigation to decode a mysterious plot from the distant past that seems to threaten her people. Along the way, she makes new friends while struggling to cohabit with the local Shape-shifter Pack, especially the formidable and tough Alpha who leads it. Caught up in a world alien to her, Tasia has to figure out the rules quickly even as danger seems to stalk ever closer to her.

This is a tale set in a world of Magicks with different kinds of powers. There are Wizards, Wyrs (were-people who are also known as Shape-shifters since they can shift into their beast forms), Vampires and Ancients (those with the oldest magic who call themselves as the First Ones).