Winds of change are sweeping across the Sacred Continent.

After a thousand years, the mighty Rynian Empire totters on its last legs; the Sovereign assassinated, his heir dead and the young princess a pawn in the hands of avaricious courtiers.

The independent dominions grow in clout every day, while principalities and tribelands break away from the Empire.

The heartland is restive and the unpopular Imperium, widely regarded as toothless, is under constant assault from insurgencies in all corners of the realm.

The Druids, offered sanctuary by the First Sovereign, are increasingly pushed underground or into Borderland even as, unbeknownst to the people, Element-Wielders with unusual and deadly powers walk among them in secret.

The mutinous untamed frontier is overrun by two blood-thirsty reavers, risen to prominence as gladiators in the brutal Borderland arenas, who hunger for more conquest.

And something mystifying and formidable brews across the treacherous Bitter Sea where expeditions to the Shrouded Isles have been vanishing without a trace.



When the dust settles, who will control the fate of the continent?

A savage brute birthed in a dark hellhole to wreck the First Empire, an enigmatic intimidating reaver with ice in his veins, the last of Ryn Zidrogan’s blood and heir to the thousand-year throne, or one of the rising young Overlords hungry for power?

Will the Druids unite to support an Element-Wielder claimant? Or will the predictions of a disgraced Diviner, who set off a chain of events that began the decline of the Empire, come to bear on the realm?

Most of all, will the mysterious force wafting across the Bitter Sea affect the balance of power on the Sacred Continent?

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