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On her world, they call her star struck, but why do the stars beckon her so …

On a mining outpost in the Inner Worlds, a young woman dreams of the stars. When she falls in with a motley crew of bounty hunters seeking to avenge an injustice, Novi believes her dreams have come true. But her journey has just begun.

Led by the only man to bring the mightiest army in the sector to its knees, the crew is engaged in a wily cat and mouse game with the powerful Guild Coalition. With her new shipmates, Novi dodges space outlaws and greedy corporations, mingles with Synths and settlers, jumps the Star Portal Labyrinth and discovers a mysterious legacy bequeathed by the Gods. But each exhilarating adventure raises terrifying questions about her. Can Novi find the answers she seeks before time runs out for her?

Author’s Note: This fantasy adventure in the style of a swashbuckling space western is set on far away exotic worlds. Adventure, intrigue and action abound in this tale of a feisty young heroine embarking on the quest of a lifetime.

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Inner Worlds
The planets enclosed by the ring-shaped belt of asteroids. The denizens of these worlds are InnerWorlders. They are shorter, light-skinned, bright-haired and light-eyed.

Rim Worlds
The planets on the outer edges of the Asteroid Ring. The worlds are sparsely populated, in comparison to the Inner Worlds. The RimWorlders are larger, dark-haired, dark-skinned and dark-eyed.

Asteroid Ring
The ring-shaped belt of asteroids that encloses the sector known as the Inner Worlds. The Ring is also referred to as the Badlands, since it is tough to navigate due to the hurtling asteroids and their effect on technology of any kind.



Guild Coalition
The largest and most influential conglomerate in the Inner Worlds. Once the richest corporation, it has now been overtaken by Venn Corp. The Guild Coalition administers a majority of the inhabited planets on the Inner Worlds and is popularly referred to as the Guild and occasionally, as the Coalition. Their private military force is the Guild Corps.

Guild Corps
The military force of the Guild Coalition and also referred to as the Corps. The soldiers wear a bright red and yellow uniform.

Ventini Corporation
The richest conglomerate in the Inner Worlds and popularly known as Venn Corp. Founded twenty years ago by Zufon Ventini, it is primarily a star travel syndicate with a side interest in archaeological expeditions. They own the Star Portal Labyrinth and are headquartered at Venn City. Their private military force is the Ventini Guards.

Ventini Guards
The private army of Ventini Corporation. Their soldiers wear a snazzy orange & gold livery with the emblem of a lightning bolt to represent the alphabet Z for Zufon Ventini.

A ragtag collection of RimWorlders come together to defend their worlds against a Guild invasion. Led by Ryfkin Soren, they disbanded after the peace treaty signed with the Guild Coalition. Their mascot was known to be the yedigrul, a snarling beast found deep in the dense rainforests on the Rim Worlds.

Hunted all over the Inner Worlds by the Guild Coalition who believe that they are a threat to the InnerWorlders.




Idriko : Novi’s world. A mining outpost with the high security Guild-administered Kuzhampa Prison and the Idriko Mine.

Merinyiko : The world Novi was heading to when she boarded Ilar’s Justice.

Zubiko Ethera : Rustic agrarian world in the Panthera sector, administered by Deziti Corporation.

Fumiko Terra : Sacred Realm 3.

Dirko Zau : Self-governed planet in the Jaraso sector, bordering the Ring.


All of the Inner Worlds is divided into eight equal-sized pie-shaped sectors. The sectors are all named after systems located within their territory.

Panthera Sector : Sector on the other side of the Ring from Idriko. It borders Azunti.

Azunti Sector : A sector between Panthera & Jaraso. Synths have made the Badlands that encircle this sector their hideout.

Jaraso Sector : Borders Azunti and is the sector where a majority of the self-governed settlements have cropped up.

Taribi Sector : The Badlands bordering it offers a unique narrow passage through the Ring, clear of large asteroids.



Star Portal Labyrinth (SPL) :  Connected in a mesh, the portals use wormhole technology to tunnel starships through space at a fraction of the time it would take them to travel the distance. The Venn Corp owned Labyrinth has four Star Portals operating in the Inner Worlds.

Shuttle Vestibule : An area on a planet that offers shuttles to Star Porticos.

Star Portico : Space stations that offers docking services to starships.

The Five Year War : The war between the Guild Coalition and the Renegades, precipitated by the Coalition’s invasion of the Rim Worlds.

Edhoran Accord : Peace accord to end the Five Year War.

Sacred Realm (Realm) : Planets where the Benevolent Ones are believed to have stepped foot.

Heavenly Abode (Abode) : Believed to be the final resting place of YanTeo.



Novia ‘Novi’ Dozanti : A young Idrikon woman with secrets.

Ryfkin ‘Ryf’ Soren : RimWorlder hero of the Five Year War, leader of the Renegades and Captain of Ilar’s Justice.

Ilar’s Justice : A Star Cruiser with a mostly Renegade crew on a mysterious mission in the Inner Worlds.

Zinera ‘Zin’ Jeryn : An ex-Renegade, Commander Jeryn is Ryfkin Soren’s deputy on Ilar’s Justice.

Zufon Ventini : Founder of Ventini Corporation (Venn Corp). Archaeologist and explorer who shot to fame on the Inner Worlds when a StarVision camera crew following the Guild-funded adventurer on an expedition broadcast the venture live.

Zedak Ventini : Son of Zufon Ventini and heir to Venn Corp.

Mandolyn “Wy” Wyrento : The InnerWorlder owner of The Watering Hole, a popular tavern on Idriko. He’s Novi’s employer and a paternal figure for her.

Serak Vedino : The InnerWorlder believed to be a Synth leader.

Kural Divi : The only Synth to have escaped Guild custody.

Rolit Miveki : Leader of a self-governed settlement near the Ring in Jaraso sector.