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Saga of the Chosen – The Series

The banner for Saga of the Chosen is here …
September 15,2016

Saga of the Chosen  is a trilogy in the Urban Fantasy genre. Book One of the series is The Prophecy.   

Saga of the Chosen banner

The designer is TaniaART.

Magicks, beings with magic in their blood, have walked the earth from time immemorial. They call themselves the Chosen – the ones selected from the human population to be gifted with powers that set them apart. Torn by rifts and feuds, they hold one commandment sacred above all – Thou shallst not reveal the secret of your existence to the humans. This is their Supreme Edict; enforced strictly by Chosen leaders under penalty of death. They’ve kept their existence a secret for centuries by hiding their powers to blend in with the human population and by adhering strictly to the Supreme Edict. But with the advent of rapid technological advancements, the Chosen fear that it’s only a matter of time before humans discover their existence. To stave off the discovery by fostering better communication and greater co-operation between the various Chosen factions, a new body for collaboration comes into being. Four representatives sit on this Council of Chosen (CoC), one from each major faction of Chosen, to represent the interests of their brethren. The CoC is a step in the right direction, but centuries of mistrust and isolation are hard to banish in one day.

The story is set twenty-five years after the formation of the CoC, although it was set in motion during a time of great turmoil in the Chosen world when the idea of the CoC was being first debated.