Beings with magic in their blood have lived incognito amidst humans for time immemorial. They call themselves the Chosen – in the belief that they’ve been plucked from the human population to be bestowed with the gift of magic. Torn apart by rifts and feuds, they defy all attempts to unify them. Until a mysterious plot from the past, hatched by an ambitious and ruthless Wizard and tied to a seemingly innocuous prophecy, seeks to exploit their differences and deepen the schisms that exist between the factions. As the Chosen awaken to the grave danger that threatens their world, they will have to forget old norms, traditions and feuds to work with each other if they are to successfully survive this threat to their way of life.

The Chosen are divided into four broad factions – based loosely on the type of power they command. Wizards with their almost normal powers, for want of a better expression, are closest to their near cousins, the humans. They tend to look down upon other Chosen, except for the Ancients who they revere and try to emulate. Shape-shifters possess a beast form they can shift into and their magic is more ephemeral but their physical strength and superhuman senses make other Chosen wary of tangling with them. Their beast counterparts influence the Shifters at an elemental level. They are territorial, paranoid, aggressive, tend to keep to themselves and are loyal to their Packs. Vampires are the Undead and tend to stay isolated within their own kind. Their lives are governed by social standing, their elaborate customs and hierarchical nests. Most Chosen look upon the Vampires as an abomination. The Ancients refer to themselves as the First Ones for they are believed to be the descendants of the first Magicks to ever walk the earth. They are the Chosen with the most diverse range of powers and they tend to form loose collectives to govern and police themselves.

Interwoven into this saga of the Chosen is the tale of Tasia Armstrong, whose circumstances have forced her to eke out an existence on the fringes of Chosen society. When a fateful decision forces her out of the shadows and into a volatile alliance with the local Shifter Pack in San Francisco, she must fight to guard her secrets, navigate the politics within the Pack, cohabit with aggressive and volatile Shifters and reach an understanding with the enigmatic and formidable Alpha Protector whose command brings his Pack to her aid when she stumbles. When the Pack is tasked with investigating the nascent threat to the Chosen, Tasia’s special talents prove essential to solving the riddle. As the investigation draws Tasia deeper into a past where her own deadly secrets are threatened, she must decide who to trust as danger stalks ever closer to her.



Can  Tasia survive a perilous world of powerful beings and shifting alliances where danger stalks her every footstep?

Can the Chosen survive a ruthless wizard who will stop at nothing in her hunger for glory and power …

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#adventure #mystery #romance

A naive wizard with a kitty of deadly secrets. A formidable and enigmatic Shifter Alpha with a ruthless streak and a dislike for Spell Casters. A divided people who resist all efforts to unite them. A mysterious prophecy wielded with deadly precision by a scheming and power-hungry Chosen to divide her own people. A cut-throat world full of high-stakes politicking as factions of wizards, Shape-shifters, vampires and Ancients vie for power and influence over their kind.

Saga of the Chosen is a rollicking urban fantasy epic of one girl’s journey in a dangerous world where friend and foe are often separated by a thin line and no one is as they seem, interwoven through the unfolding story of her people, the Chosen, as they hurtle towards a destiny that will force them to confront centuries-old dogma and traditions if they are to survive as a people. Intrigue, action, mystery and adventure abound in this paranormal fantasy tale with a dash of romance sprinkled in.

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Tasia Armstrong is a very special Chosen, one forced by circumstances to conceal her powers from her brethren. She hides in plain sight from her kind, as an unremarkable wizard in San Francisco who works dead-end jobs to make ends meet. Then one night, she makes the fateful decision to assist an injured Shape-shifter. Suddenly, Tasia finds herself forced out of the shadows, an unwitting pawn in the ongoing skirmish between rogue Shifters encroaching on Pack turf and the local Shifter Pack led by a formidable and dangerous Alpha Protector. Catapulted abruptly into a life amidst volatile and aggressive Shifters, Tasia has little time to learn the complex rules of a Pack as she grapples to deal with the enigmatic Alpha who holds his fractious Pack together with a ruthless hand on its reins.

Grave danger threatens their world as a powerful wizard exploits an old prophecy to make an audacious grab for power.  When the Pack is asked to examine a twenty-five year old mystery, Tasia’s special brand of magic proves essential to cracking its riddle. Tasia is slowly drawn deeper into the investigation and risks raising the suspicions of the very Chosen she hides from. As danger closes in on her, Tasia must decide who to trust with the deadly secrets she guards.


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Saga of the Chosen
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