She is the sole scion of an exalted bloodline and heir to an Empire. But as her Sire’s many enemies and her own Court gun for her, will that illustrious pedigree doom her to an ignominious fate?

The last of the illustrious Zidrogans languishes in a fortified palace. A pawn of her own courtiers who dream of restoring the Thousand-Year Empire to its former glory, she lives in seclusion, lonely and pining for her lost brother. But when a hulking brute with obsidian eyes spewing hellfire breaks into the Alcazar, the princess’ world is set ablaze. On the run, friendless and unprotected, she must match wits and cross swords with a man whose name makes the Continent tremble. Alone and without any allies to back her up, she is pushed to the brink in a duel of acumen, will, guile and power. Along the way, the princess learns that, even for a woman with no future, there are worse fates than dangling at the end of the Imperium’s strings.

Change is sweeping across the realm. The Empire gasps its last while the Dominions rise and the frontier falls to two blood-thirsty reavers. In the aftermath of the Sovereign’s disastrous alliance with a gifted Diviner, the Magi are on the run and the celebrated Imperial institutions in disarray. As the fog clears from the darkest hours and deeds that begat the ruin of a mighty Empire, can the Zidrogan princess stand up to the forces arraigned against her?