The supreme commander of the Alliance Armada is the most powerful being in the sector — the sentinel who guards the gates of Sector Araloka from the marauding Imperial Forces. A scion of an Iovac Noble House, the augmented Commander is destined to lead the Alliance to a great victory over the Budh-Ketaari Empire and bring lasting peace to the sector. He is brilliant, ruthless, focused and dangerous — all the reasons the Alliance citizens celebrate him. But privately, he is struggling. With each passing day, even as he racks up successes for the Alliance, he feels more machine than Iovac. Try as he might, he cannot seem to prevent Un Kieto Maal from extinguishing all remnants of Rayeou Kerovac. Until a mysterious visitor comes to Terola station seeking an audience with him. The myriad contradictions about the secretive cargo-pilot intrigue him, as he uses his long dormant instincts to unravel the puzzle.

But can the male bred from childhood to guard the sector and vanquish the Empire allow his heart free rein to dictate the future?

GLOSSARY : A brief recap of the main entities in the Aralokan universe

Some musings from future stories in Sector Araloka

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