In a far flung corner of the universe, a deadly war for territory and domination rages, drawing every planet and civilization from the neighboring star systems into the conflict. The war between the Kampuchan Alliance and the Budh-Ketaari Empire has been raging on for twenty years, causing untold havoc and destruction to everyone and everything in its vicinity. Quadrant Five burns in the flames of a violent war, with no discernible end in sight.

The War Chronicles tell the stories of spirited and feisty heroines and brave and adventurous heroes caught up in a never-ending and all-encompassing conflict. Romance, action and swashbuckling adventure abound in this set of fantasy & space opera tales.


Books in this Universe

Author’s Note : The books in this series may be read in any order or as standalone works


In a far corner of the galaxy, a deadly war rages on. The Budheya people are one of the worst affected. Once the most advanced civilization in the quadrant, they now struggle under the cruel yoke of Ketaari occupation.

Saakshi, a Budheya girl imprisoned by the Ketaari Imperial Forces, is sent to a distant space station to work off the remainder of her prison term as a server girl in an alehouse. For a girl who has known only hardship in her short life, things could be a lot worse. Until an old foe from the past walks into the alehouse. Alone, friendless and far from home, desperation forces her to turn to an unlikely source for assistance. Zoran is Hadari’Kor, notorious across star systems for their fighting prowess. Their fierce reputation as nomadic mercenaries make people wary of tangling with them.

The fallout from this improbable alliance between a Budheya rebel and the Hadari’Kor mercenary reverberates across space. Old assumptions are broken and new partnerships between unlikely allies forged. As their two worlds collide, the aftermath sets into motion a chain reaction that has the potential to alter the course of the war and the balance of power in their quadrant of space. 

The War Chronicles
Book 2