Note : This book has been renamed ‘The Starfarer

Sila Gatherer has a deadly secret – one she’s been hiding her whole life on a sleepy agrarian world.  Then one day, she’s accidently autoported off her planet by an alien starship from a distant corner of the galaxy. The repercussions from this event alter the course of Sila’s life. Forced to leave everything familiar, Sila has to forge a new life for herself in a volatile part of space where an unrelenting war rages on.

Star Captain Zh’hir Mu’raat is Ur’quay – legendary warriors renowned across the galaxy for their mysterious abilities. Once, his ancestors had roamed this quadrant, forging formidable reputations as warriors and explorers. Today, his people verge on the edge of extinction. His starship has traveled a great distance from the Ur’quay home world on a desperate mission to save his dying civilization. When he discovers Sila’s deadly ability, he saves her from falling afoul of Ur’quay law.

After centuries of isolation on their faraway world, the Ur’quay join the war, determined to tilt the balance of power to their new allies. Plunged into the politics of war, Sila and Zh’hir must navigate shifting alliances in an uncertain world that tests their faith in each other and their new allies. In this volatile environment, they find themselves drawn to each other. When a powerful foe unexpectedly threatens their new coalition, they race against time to unravel a centuries-old secret. The stakes are very high for if they fail, it is likely to cost their allies the war and the Ur’quay any hope for the future of their species.



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