Onmykindle reviews The Prophecy
June 02, 2017

Aside from the lush setting, the artful premise, the incredible society, and the amazing action and suspense, there was an aspect of the story that I found myself enjoying: the romantic tension blooming between Tasia and the Alpha. There is a very subtle undercurrent between these two characters throughout most of the book that doesn’t become obvious until near the end of the book …

The Prophecy is not a quick read, but it is well worth it to be drawn into a spectacular story. If you enjoy the world- and character-building in Anne Bishop’s books or you simply enjoy supernatural/paranormal stories that will suck you into another world, you will enjoy this book!

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•Complex and mysterious main character with a hidden past. Although some of her secrets are revealed in this book, I think even at the end of this book there is some secrets she is still holding onto tightly – can’t wait to find out what they are in future books.

•Through-out this book we get a ever growing cast of secondary character which are developed in such a great way. All of them have their own personalities and characteristics, such a great group which are deep and complex as individual characters but to read about their interactions just highlights their complexities and I feels as though I got to know them just as much as the main character.

— Amazon UK Reviewer

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When will the second book be available??? Definitely a good read. Hopefully the main female lead starts embracing her powers and stop hiding.

— Amazon Reviewer

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